Annual Awards Banquets 1950 to 1999

One of the items discussed at the July, 2016 Membership Meeting was the possibility of upgrading the trophies and possibly moving the site for the 2016 Annual Awards Banquet. It has been held at Cattlemen's Steak House for a number of years. This spurred me into researching and presenting a brief history of the Awards Banquets. The cutoff date was set at 1999 for two reasons; That's a natural breaking point, and Region records since 1999 are incomplete or non-existent due to there not being a Gasket Gazette published during most of the latest years.


Oklahoma Region has always been a party bunch, as attested by this 1953 photo and caption from Sports Car Magazine.

53 dinner


The first Awards Banquet for which records are available was the 1957 Christmas Party held on December 7th in the Oklahoma Room of the Biltmore Hotel in OKC. The December, 1957 Gazette had the following notice:

“The Club's Annual Christmas Party will begin at 8 P.M. on Saturday, December 7th. This quiet gathering will take place in the Oklahoma Room of the Biltmore Hotel (go thru main entrance, turn right). For members only. Bring nothing but your (wife),or (girl friend) (check one). In case you are the thirsty type, bring a “panic bottle” in case the well runs dry and you plan on spending the weekend.        Regards – Carrie Nation

Fenced in and lighted parking lot behind old Sears Bldg. On Harvey (not free).

Interestingly there was also scheduled on December 8th the “Hangover Rallye.”


Sometime after 1957, the Christmas Party evolved into an Awards Banquet, usually held after Christmas. Locations have been as varied as the members themselves. Listed in somewhat chronological order:


English Room, Oklahoma Club 1958; Desert Oaks Country Club 1959

Twin Hills Country Club 1960,61,62 and 66; Hill Crest Country Club 1963 and 64

Sportsman's Club 1969; Lakeview Country Club 1970, 71 and 72

Travel Lodge 1973; Oklahoma Home Builder's Building 1974 and 75

Midwest City Community Center 1976; Ramada Inn NW 1978

South Gate Inn OKC 1979 and 80; Holiday Inn NW 1982; The Cabaret 1983

Tinker Air Force Base Officer's Club 1985, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 93, 94 and 95

Knights of Columbus Hall 1991; Saddle Back Inn 1992; Shriner's Mosque 1996 - 97

Applewood's Restaurant 1998.


Twin Hills Country Club was the site for the 1960 Awards Banquet. The Leslie family, C.A. and Mary Kay, were the big winners that year. They are shown below with some of the hardware they took home that night. The large silver bowl is the “Outstanding Member” award C.A. won, and the smaller silver bowl is Mary Kay's Navigators Trophy.



SOLO Class Awards were first presented in 1966 as Gymkhana Class Champions. George England's recounting of that year's banquet can be read here. 


The “Smiling Indian” Award was introduced at the 1979 Awards Banquet held at South Gate Inn. This custom cast medallion was awarded to Wiley Hunt for becoming the Region's first 25 Year SCCA member. Wiley joined the Region in its infancy, 1954. Also taking home a medallion was Betty Wills because she won a SOLO II National Championship. Several of these medallions were recently found in club materials that had been stored since 1979 and regional Executive Mark Council may find an appropriate use for them.


A total budget of $1,350.00 was approved by the Region Board for 1980. Twenty dollars per trophy was allotted, and the cost for attending was $8.00 for members and $12.00 for non-members.


At the Executive Board Meeting on Thursday, October 28, 1982, the sometimes circuitous planning for an Awards Banquet was detailed in the Meeting minutes as follows.


“(Regional Executive) Jim Shelton introduced Roy Lopshire who is preparing for the Awards Banquet. Roy explained requirement to reschedule Awards Banquet as a result of cancellation by the caterer. Much discussion followed. Roy presented four alternatives for both site and date. Discussion followed. Beth Ingram

made a motion to select Saturday, December 18 at Holiday Inn Northwest, seconded by Karen Flippo- motion passed.

Frank Smith made a motion to keep fee same as last year $10.00 (Member) & $15.00 (Non-Member), seconded by Beth Ingram - motion defeated 4 to 5. Leon Mackechnie made a motion to charge $10.00 (member) & $15.00 (non-member) if paid by December 10 then going to $15.00 & $20.00, seconded by Frank Smith - motion defeated 4 to 5. Pat McKay made a motion to charge $12.00 (member) & $18.00 (non-member) asking for advance payment but not demanding (preferably 8 days), seconded by Glen Snapp - motion passed with two dissenting votes.

Leon Mackechnie made a motion to award all Gazette Advertisers 2 free tickets & Invitation to Awards Banquet, seconded, - Motion passed.

Jerry Crew made a motion to pay for Editors of Gazette, seconded by Leon Mackechnie - motion defeated.

Pat McKay informed R.E. that he still needs information on ORDA awards ASAP.”


1970 winners

1969 Year End Award Winners at Sportsman's Club. L to R: First Row; Zebbie 
Ramsey (back to camera), unidentified trophy girl, Leo Cravens, Carrol Cravens,
Doc Foerster, Sandra Saucier, Margaret England, Elouise Norris, Ron Reid.
Back Row; Chuck Roberts, Whitford Lynn, Jim Speck, Dave Rollow, Russ
Arterburn, John Saucier, Gene Rolfe, Lonnie Morse, Paul Grounds.
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