2016 Numbering Guide


        2016 Car Numbering Guide

Car Numbering Guide for new & improved 2016 OKSCCA Pax classing and car numbering.

-There are 4 different ways to run an event this year- you can use a base national class, Ladies pax, Masters pax, or novice pax. There are no more “base runs and pax runs.”  ALL of your runs count for your class and for the overall pax championship. 

-IF you are running any regular class (AS, STX, ESP, SSM, AM, CP....etc....) as defined in the 2016 SCCA Solo Rulebook or a supplement (HC, CAM, etc.), you just need your number and your class. No pax letters are necessary. Example- Mark’s Classic American Muscle-Sport Corvette needs “199 CAMS” numbers and letters. You will fall into this class unless you are running novice, ladies, or masters pax classes.  

-IF you are running Novice (reminder: 2016 must be your FIRST season autocrossing with any club), you need your number and an “N.”  Class letters are optional. Example: a C Street Scion FRS driven by a novice would be correctly numbered as “78 N” or “78 NCS.” You ARE NOT removed from Novice for winning Novice. You may run Novice all year and compete for the new-for-2016 Novice Championship. 

-IF you are running Ladies, you need your number and an “L.”  Class Letters are optional. Signing up for a ladies class is not the same as signing up for ladies pax. If you register for D Street Prepared- Ladies (DSPL), you will be in the DSPL class. If you wish to run ladies’ pax, you must further select ladies pax. Let’s say you choose the number 64.  You would appropriately label your car as either of “64 LDSPL” or “64 L.”  If you wish to run Ladies pax, you may select either the open or ladies base class. “64 LDSP” is equivalent to “64 L” and “64 LDSPL,” but different from “64 DSPL.” 

-IF you are running Masters, you need your number and an “M.”  Class Letters are optional. Example-Danny’s Heritage Classic-Race Triumph would be correctly numbered as “74 M” or “74 MHCR” 

-Novice, Ladies, and Masters classes are paxed. Your times will be multiplied by the pax factor for your base class in order to calculate your total time. Example: Bruce C and Mark G are both running Masters. Mark is in an A Street C6 Corvette. Bruce is in an A Modified open-wheel formula car. Bruce’s best run is 50.000 seconds. His pax factor is 1.000.  50*1.000 = 50.000 sec.  Mark’s best run is 58.900 seconds. His pax is. 833.  58.9*.833 = 49.064 sec.  Therefore, Mark gets first place, and Bruce gets second.

-ALL competitors (including L, M, and N competitors) are entered in the season-long overall pax championship.  

-If you enter in L, M, or N, you are competing for the L, M, or N championship and the overall pax championship, and NOTin your base class championship. 

-Any questions, ask the time & score keeper (Mark Council) !!!! 

-2016 PAXindices may be found here- 2016 PAX Factors

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