Oklahoma Region was primarily a rallye oriented club until the Sixties when speed events became more popular.

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Entry Fees for Rallies Are Charged for the First Time Written by Ray Herndon Jr. 1578
I Saw the Dead Coyote Written by Jan Jackson 1465
Rallying - What it is and how to find it Written by George H. Edwards 752
Speedy Lewis 1968 Written by George England 710
The Last SCCA Rally (2005) Written by Connie Lamb 731
FIA Mexican 24 Hour International Rallye (1966) Written by Kathy Taylor 744
Wahoo The Warpath (1962-1978) Written by Jim Croft, Bob Vahlberg, George England 797
How to Rallye In... Written by Chuck VanNostrand et al 1237
Eleventh Speedy Lewis Memorial Rally Written by Stephen England 722
Synaptic Flatulence - Puegot Is Dead Written by Mad Mike Halley. 722
He's Back ! 1990 Speedy Lewis Rallye Written by Stephen England 762
How To Rally Written by Jim Duea 882
Seelig Wins Rallycross Championship Written by Stephen England 706
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