Entry Fees for Rallies Are Charged for the First Time

From the January, 1957 Newsletter:

"Speaking of rallies we have a few new rules which were approved unanimously by the officers. First, there will be NO drinking of beer or intoxicating beverages before or during a rally. Afterwards you can do as you please. The reason for this is rather obvious. If any member happened to be stopped or have an accident during a rally and had alcohol or beer on his person or breath it would cause quite a blot on the club. This we can ill afford. Second, there will be a 50 cent charge for members at rallies. This will be put to good use, for one thing there will be nicer trophies this year. Third, you must possess and show your national membership card at all rallies or you will have to pay the $2.00 fee which is charged for non-members. So be sure you have your card somewhere within reach. The point system will remain the same as last year, but trophies will be given in three classes for the first three places. In other words three trophies for over 1600 cCc., three for under 1600 c.c., and three for touring (American cars are in this class). And that’s that for rallies."


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