June 10, 2013 Meeting Minutes

OKSCCA Board/Membership Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2013

Board members present were Gary Brown, Al Donovan, Jeff Norris, Michelle Seelig, and Keith Voyles.

Steve has submitted his resignation. Gary motioned to accept Steve’s resignation, Jeff seconded; motion carried.

The board agreed to add Gary as an authorized signature for the account, until a new Treasurer is appointed.

There is approximately $3200 from two SOLO events to be deposited.

Bills outstanding: ChemCan, Remington Park, and Oklahoma Tax Commission.

          Michelle motioned to accept report, Jeff seconded; motion carried.

          160 members as of May.

          Gary motioned to accept May meeting minutes, Al seconded; motion        carried.


          Event #3 5/19: 69 entries

          Event #4 6/2: 64 entries

          Event #5 is 6/30.

Michelle motioned to accept report, Gary seconded; motion carried.

Michelle will talk to Steve England about getting links changed to www.gasketgazette.org on the www.scca.com and www.autocross.com websites.

MoPar event canceled.

SOLO safety steward issues have been resolved.

Al will check with SOLO chairs about posting all events on MotorsportsReg.com.

Gary nominated Larry Bower to fill the vacancy on the board until a new Treasurer is appointed, Jeff seconded; motion carried.

Michelle motioned to adjourn, Gary seconded; meeting adjourned. Next meeting July 1, 2013, 7:00 pm.         

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