The Saga of Hermann II





Editor's Comment: Guy McMurray raced one of the first Formula Vs in the Southwest. He sold Hermann II, (Guy always nicknamed his cars) a Formcar, to Rudy Ramsey in 1965. Rudy's mother, Zebbie, posted this page from Guy's diary (logbook) in the Gazette in 1966. I am researching the tracks and dates in Guy's nine-day expedition, and  have found lots of interesting threads, but no specific info. I am moving into a new house this Friday, April 19, and all of my records are being packed as I type. I hope to be back on line next week sometime.


FRI. - 1 July - Midwest City to Dallas.


SAT. - Dallas to Galveston - beer, seafood, cocktails, a ball.


SUN. - Practice - ugh - pivot pin came out of fuel pump - ridiculous crack in distributor cap. Oh well 1st Race: Good start - 1 lap - pin out of fuel pump THAT will never happen again. Party, party.


MON. - Practice - fine. Race: Wousey start. 10th, maybe 20th - fun and games, weather nice - pretty green grass - pretty girls - cough, cough, out of – gas Let’s go have a party.


TUE. - Galveston to Corpus Christi. Swim, sun, loaf, eat, party.


WED. - Padre Island - swim, etc.


THUR - Corpus Christi to Laredo - La Posada Hotel overlooking Rio Grande. Trip to Mexico - food, tequila, stock up on cheap sauce. fine dinner, etc.


FRI. - Laredo to Pecos - etc., etc.


SAT. - Pyote Race - boon docks, dust, road runners, snakes, sand. Odd ball track. Drag strip and return tied together with concrete. As you drift off the black top onto the concrete tires squall and you think all is lost. Very fast 2.? Miles, 1:29 with the ‘V’: Qualified 3rd, start 1st? Good start. Second into the turn behind a Formula ‘B’ (Alfa). 3rd overall and 1st in class after one lap, hold on for class win and third overall. That’s more like it. Smallish fields but A.J. FOYT’S Lotus Chevy (?) was there going madly until it broke. The Alfa GTA was back together (blew at Galveston) and raising hell with a Mustang and a Barracuda (like beating them). Thin, but gotta skip Sunday’s races and get back to Midwest City. Pyote to Abilene,


SUN. - Abilene to home. Nine days, three races, two DNF’s, one pot. Let’s go back, I loved it.


From the diary of - Guy McMurray


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