Joint Concours d'Elegance SCCA-CCCA

Editor's Comments: Originally planned as an "Annual" event, the Joint palqueConcours d"Elegance co-sponsored by Oklahoma Region SCCA and Oil Belt Region CCCA (Classic Car Club of America) was held only two years, 1962 and 1963. The event Chairman, John Stone, "quit" primarily because the turnout of SCCA members was disappointing. The two-day concept of a Concours on Saturday followed by events on Sunday morphed into the extremely successful "Sunray DX Sports Car Festival" in 1965. After the demise of Sunray DX, the Region held "Spring Games" and "Octoberfests" in the seventies and eighties, building on the concept created by Stone. Oklahoma Region and CCCA would re-unite in sponsoring the "Cavalcade of Cars" in the Myriad in 1972 and 1973. Those events were Concours only, drawing many more non-SCCA entries than members, and proved to be great money makers for the region. John Stone left the SCCA before his concept blossomed.


“One of the most interesting events in which our region has participated” is a typical comment made during and after the FIRST JOINT CONCOURSE D’ELEGANCE of the Oklahoma Region S.C.C.A. and the Oil-Belt Region of the C.C.C.A. The festive event was held June 30th at the Ramada Inn, and continued the following day in Shawnee, Okla.

The Classic Car Club had a magnificent showing of some twenty cars or more from as far away as Iowa and Louisiana. The most interesting car there was probably the Delahaye Roadster owned by Royce Sampson of Tulsa. Construction of this $36,0O0 car started in France before WW-2 and was finished after the war in time for the 1946 Paris show. Only two of this particular style were built by the designers, Figoni et Falaschi.

1962 delahaye

There was an abundance of Packards and Lincolns, two Cords, (one driven from Iowa City by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shaw who are also S.C.C.A members). A Chrysler roadster, two Auburns, and a couple of Cadillacs and two Rolls Royces made an appearance. One Rolls was owned by John Kilpatric and Gene Everest of Okla. City. This beautifully restored 1923 model posed a problem for the Concourse officials in as much as it was considered a “Pre-Classic”(Classics begin with 1925) it was not eligible to compete in the classic Rolls class. Also, neither owner belonged to the Classic Car Club (a requirement for entry.)The less exclusive sports car judging team placed it in Touring over 2000 where it ended with a tie for 2nd with a Mercedes 300 sedan from Manhattan, Kans. The other Rolls was owned by John R. Utter of Shawnee, our regions’ first R. E.

Sports Car entries were not spectacular. Out of a hundred and fifteen members only 20 individuals entered cars and two of these were drop-ins off the highway. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Kernaghan, recently moved to the City from Hawaii and entered their Porsche Super 90 and stayed on for the entire two-day event.

A fine yellow 53 MG-TD drove in off the highway to take third in the sports under 1500 class. This car might have taken first except for a spec of dirt under the fenders. This T.D. was owned by James C. Chandler of Okla. City. He also stayed on for all the activities.

Line-up of 1962 entries.

New automobiles entered by dealers were judged by signatures of spectators on petitions attached to the windshields. Leverage Motor Company entered six beautiful cars and took home a lion’s share of the trophies. Reinauer Brothers entered a Studebaker Hawk GT (3rd in class) and a Peugeot 404. Downtown Motor Sales won a 2nd with their Porsche Super 90.

It was disappointing to see no more than nine dealer entries. At least we know of three dealers who regard the S.C.C.A. and the C.C.C.A. as potential buyers and influential as “experts” to non-member buyers. Overall judging of the cars ended in a grand “Rolling Review” through the portico of the Ramada Inn. Private cars and dealer’s cars were described and the owners introduced as each car paused before the reviewing stand. TV cameras and movie cameras took action shots.

The evening cocktail hour got off to a roaring start, and by banquet time a hundred and six guests were seated. Bill Butler acted as M.C. and gave a warm note of thanks to the “Used Car” people (C.C,C.A.) for their large part in making this first joint concourse a success. After the introductions and comments the meeting adjourned to see the film “Made by Hand” provided by C. S. Trosper and a film on the last C.C.C.A. “Grand National” auto show provided by Dick Young of Enid. The style show was a fun affair. Girls from the C.C.C.A. wore their vintage costumes and the S.C.C.A. girls paraded “the wardrobe every sports car girl should have.” The real show stopper was when “Rallying Dorothy Butler” at the wheel of her Alfa (minus the Alfa) came driving in with the navigator, Jan Workman, and a frustrating array of stop-watches, go-watches, maps, clip boards, and instructions for the rally. For her gyrations Dorothy was given a trophy by the Classic Car girls. Montine Foerster was the moderator.

Sunday morning all who were able got up and Monte-Carol-ed to Shawnee. C. A. Leslie Jr. clocked in both Classics and sports cars. Mobilgas had encouraged us in believing they would furnish gasoline for this tour and at the last moment remembered this is against company policy. (you all come to the giant joint SCCA- CCCA Mobilgas credit card burning party).

Mr. Will Stewart and Mr. John Utter met the Monte Carlo Rallyists on the grounds of the Stewart estate. The enthusiasts had a great time roving thru the buildings where 40 cars are stored. These ranged from the famed Mercer raceabout (09) to the Dusenberg SJ32O phaeton (about 34) Charley Odenhall III took enthusiastic passengers for rides in the classic Mercedes Benz 540-K (36). The car, which was the property of Charley’s grandfather, the late Barney Stewart, is now stored with the Stewart collection.

Left: Bob Vahlberg judges an MGTD Right: Jan Workman drives a 300SL past the reviewing stand.

Our sincerest thanks go to Mr. Will Stewart for his fine hospitality and to Ray Utter for his efforts which made the Sunday outing a success. Festivities ended with the arrival of the “RALLY ROUNDE LTD.” trophy wagon and the subsequent awarding of the cargo to the deserving contestants. Our thanks also goes to Dr. Milton Neumann (a Cord man) who shouldered the greatest burdens in launching this event for the two clubs. He was truly the prime mover of the event. Start preparing for next year for this to become an important annual event. To keep you in readiness, Concourses d’ Elegances will be held at any future Rally or Gymkhana you may attend, so always be ready. (Also, your car will appreciate the loving care.)1962 results


If the 1963 joint CONC0URS D’ELEGANCE SCCA & CCCA) at the Ramada Inn, June 29 and 30th may be considered a success, it certainly cannot be attributed to the participation of 96% of the members in the Oklahoma Region of the SCCA. Only EIGHT SCCA members entered cars, and of that eight, FOUR were engaged in the event in an official capacity.

1963 Entries looking down from Persimmon Hill.

A total of 53 cars were entered. The dealers were enthusiastic participants, with NINETEEN Dealer’s cars entered. Individual entries totaled seventeen each in the sports and classic car fields. THREE of the sports car entries were owned by members of the Classic Car Club. This included the overall winner a 300SL owned by Hubert Cook of Dallas, Texas. Mr, Cook also entered an English Austin Taxi (Complete with meter) which was not only a fine conversation piece, but the cause of some confusion when it showed up for the DEEP ROCK Economy Run requesting diesel fuel. He got it and turned in 31 plus miles per gallon.

The buffet banquet was very good, as any of the nine or ten members there will testify, and the bar was a sell-out.(Except for a fifth of scotch that got away in a red Austin Healey with a dealers tag).

Kerr-McGee bent over backwards to aid in the economy run. They supplied some 440 gallons of gasoline (plus some diesel). Our thanks MGTC finishes the 1963 Economy them, and to SCCA member Breen Kerr, who encouraged them.

My thanks to the battery of judges, Bob Vahlberg, Mr. Wehrenberg, Mike Loosen, Gene Gresham, John Walker.

Last January, at out first meeting of the year, I asked a show of hands to find out if the membership wanted the “Second Annual Concours d’Elegance”. I was overwhelmed at the response and encouraged by the response. This was the reason that I went ahead with the CCCA in planning this event. I do not know what it takes to make this “ONE OFF” event attractive to members. If any of you do know, tell it to the next chairman.....I QUIT !!!!!!

 Dick Thomas

63 results

(No entries in Class Six.)

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