1958 Concours d'Elbowgrease

From the May, 1958 Gasket Gazette


Ray Herndon

The Oklahoma SCCA Concours was held Saturday, May 3rd, with 20 entrees and a few who didn’t quite finish looking on. Judges were Maury Ferguson, Wiley Hunt and Ed Reichelt. Instead of scoring by points the judges handled everything by process of comparison and elimination. Personally I thought this was a wise choice as points can get pretty confusing at times. Classes were the same as on rallies with Over 1600 having the largest number of entrees.

Competition was really down to fine details and you “wonder where the yellow went’. Although there were only 10 trophies given out, I believe everyone deserved a gallon of gunk for their efforts. Bill Roberts, one of the ones whom time ran out on, had his Healey 100-6 engine painted gold. Three brand new cars were entered; Jerry Henderson’s Corvette, Ron Sullivan’s Healey, and Doc Guthrey’s Porsche Optional Top Convertible. Believe the oldest entree was Berg’s Jowett who certainly wasn’t bashful at showing her chassis. The entire front end opens up when you bare the engine and man you just can’t hide no dirt nowhere.

After the judging everyone, plus members who didn’t make the Concours, retired to the Flamingo Room of the Oklahoma Club for a buffet dinner, dancing, protests, lynching of judges (Wiley was the only one brave enough to show) and last but not least (Oh, yes, some had a few highballs) the trophy presentation. Doc Guthrey furnished the gripe box and tissue (Northern?) to write on. Thanks to Terry Daniels and the Federation of Female Sports Car Fanciers for making the arrangements. They did a wonderful job.

Here they are. Winner of the Grand Order of Dial Soap was Wilfred Schmidt with his 1955 MG-TF. Only dirt on this car was what the judges left after examining it. I know there wasn’t any beforehand. In the Grand Sport Class (here’s that dirty word again) Dungey, Bill, won first in class with his 1956 Healey 100. Sue Herndon took second in class (with an assist from Ray) with her 1955 Healey 100. (Course Bill Dungey had the advantage- His car being white...anyone knows white is cleaner than black.) Jerry Henderson’s 1958 Corvette took third in class, courtesy of the Mary Ann Laundromat. In the Sport Class Don Thomas with the Black Beauty (57 Porsche Coupe) took first in class. Lorraine had a beautiful pair of saddle soap hands. Second in class went to Bud Berg with the immodest Jowett 1952 vintage. Third went to Georgeous George Guthrey with his 1958 Porsche Detachable Hardtop. Doc had a gnat in the Porsche engine grille. This is hard to do in a Porsche. In Ye Ole Touring Class Art Ainsworth took first in class with his 1956 Volkswagen. When he and Retha finished cleaning it, Retha got stuck with cleaning out the bathtub. Second went to Richard Thomas with his 1956 Karmen Ghia with a relief basket in the driving compartment. Blair Cunnyngham’s Renault Dauphine came out third best in the battle of bathtubs. Overall the first nine finishers were: 1. Schmidt, 2. Dungey, 3. Don Thomas, 4. Bud Berg, 5. Herndon, 6. Henderson, 7. Guthrey, 8. Sullivan, 9. Banks.

* * * THE R. E. PORT * * * by Bud Berg

First I would like to express congratulations to all involved in our recent Concours d’ Elegance. To Tommy Allen for his fine work in publicity, both TV and Newspaper, for the fine job of singing at the dance after the buffet. To Terry Daniels and the auxiliary for their making the arrangements, and to all who participated, for the amazing amount of preparation and attention to detail, to the deservant winners and last but not least to the judges, Wiley Hunt, Ed Reichelt and, of course Maury Ferguson. Their job was certainly the hardest. Choosing between all that immaculate Iron was really a chore.



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