Oklahoma Region June Sprints (1967)

An early mark of 28 seconds was set by the Red Baron (Jim Taylor). Shirley Arterburn, wife of Russell, rounded the course 93 times. Her best time of 17 sec. was not accepted however, due to the addition of an unauthorized stabilizer bar in the form of W. B. Hunt. (read more)


ORDA 1991 Driver's Added

Oklahoma Region Competition License holders for 1991 have been added.

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1963 Ponca Turns The Corner


As everyone is well aware, many changes have been initiated since Circamooresmall 195l. No one objects to the safety improvements...roll bars, approved helmets, fire resistant garments, etc. These things have added to the sport, and the extra cost is more than offset by the increased safety. Not too long ago, clubracing was still a lot of fun for everyone concerned. Today club racing is a thing of the past, With this latest change another small group of drivers are forced to ether buy a different machine or drop out entirely. In my humble opinion, the sport cannot afford to lose these people. (read more)


1963 Ozarks Economy Run


plaqueThe 5th Annual Ozark Economy Run put on by the Bartlesville Auto Club March 16 & 17 was a revelation to your reporter in that a great number of people go to quite some lengths to squeeze a mile out of a drop of gas. Lean jets were used, along with 65# of air in tires; fairings were formed with masking tape around projections on the cars to reduce wind drag; rear seats, bumpers and other items were removed to lighten; vacuum gauges installed, and probably a lot of other things done that were not obvious to the eye, Evidently some of these things helped because some phenomenal (at least to us) mileages were recorded over some hairy mountainous roads at fairly high average speeds. (read more)


The 500 Miler - Cooper Invades Brickyard

Although it was outclassed in brabham3speed and acceleration the Cooper did real good in it's first try at the 500 and Brabham drove a very consistent race with no trouble, mechanical or otherwise as far as I could tell. They were hoping to make only two pit stops but had to make a third just before the end. I timed him on three laps and he was consistently at one minutes and six seconds - the leaders were doing one minute 1 1/2 seconds. (read more)



Rules of Thumb 

This month I am departing from my usual bantering and will give you some observations from a book I recently read. The book is titled “RULES OF THUMB” I am sure that you will find many useful bits of information as you read along. (read more)



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Zebbie's career as a rallyist continued unabated and in 1969 she was appointed RaIIy Board Chairman. At the same time she was devoting equal energy to F & C work at the races and this same year saw her appointed as Regional Chief of F & C, an appointment that spanned the next five year period.


It was in the years 1969 through 1973 that many consider Zebbie Ramsey's contribution to the Oklahoma Region was at its peak. Zebbie was a perfectionist when it came to F & C procedures and her corner workers were known throughout MIDIV as among the very best. It was in 1972 that Zebbie organized our first Fire, Crash and Rescue School. This was to become the model for MIDIV in ensuing years. With aII this, she maintained an ardent rallyist and was twice Rallymaster of our Warpath Divisional Rally itself a MIDIV legend. (read more)



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