1984 Christmas Shopping For The Car Enthusiast

A million dotlars will buy a race car and finance racing for one season (low budget). Anything over a million will improve the racer's chances of winning. (read more)

An Absolutely Perfect Weekend

I got out on the course for the first practice durantspecialsmalland started hot-dogging through the corners out among the trees through the park-like setting until I came to the obvious curving straightaway where I really stood on the gas. (read more)



 1924 Racing Car Classification

Reliability, endurance, economy and other touring contest may be run under price classification. Speed events on the beach, road, hill, speedway or track cannot be held under price classification. (read more)


Streeter B. Flynn - Margaret England Award

Photographs of most of the 51 winners of Oklahoma Region's most prestigious award have been posted.  If you have photos of the missing winners, please contact the Gazette at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (See photos)


1970 PCGP The Rarest Dash Plaque 

stloIn any event, the MIDIV meeting ended wlth the July 4 date asslgned to Oklahoma Region with the understanding that in the event that the Oklahoma Region dld not have a sultable site for the July 4 race, the date could be given to the St. Louis Region with a reasonable time remaining for them to organize a race for that date.  (read more)

The First Octoberfest - 197070 octfest small

(read more)

1970 Schlitz Cup Series

Harry M. Handley, SCCA director schlitzsmallof solo events said here, "This is a tremendous break through for thousands of auto sports people who can benefit from a national program of support and promotion. And the extent of Schlitz' support in sheer numbers must be unprecedented in American auto sports. It includes 2,790 awards, 10,000 plaques and emblems, 10,000 copies of the rules, 900 pylons,and 30,000 feet of pennants. In addition, an advertising and poster program will support the Schlitz Cup Series."  (read more)


The World's Richest old Car Race

1983 Great American Race

Wednesday morning, June 25, we had the responsibility for starting the racers imageoff on the Oklahoma City - Kansas City leg and we took care of that chore in short order. There were a lot of press people around and our region got pretty good coverage as a result. As I said in the beginning, I was and still am uniformed as to many of the details of our part in the Great American Race but from what I could see and from talking to many of the contestants and officials, our Oklahoma Region did a first rate job all around, and we hopefully will get the race through here next year. (read more)

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