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Swadley's BBQ 2333 W. Memorial Road OKC



Hallett Pulls Off The Champagne Sucksaabsmall

Sunday evening it was eight degrees with 25 mph winds and the landscape was covered with three inches of white stuff. The hot setup was snow tires and an extra layer of Nomex longjohns. With a wind chill factor of around minus 25 degrees, it was apparent most of the cornerworkers must be from Alaska the way they handled the cold. (read more)


1973 Part Two - Some More

Last month (February, 1973) we went over the Region's 4 big events; the ones we are most familiar with as a whole.  We thought this month we might acquaint you with the more interesting side of the Oklahoma Region, Sports Car Club of America. (read more)

1973 Part One - The Big Four 

solopicAt the end of the year we are invited to compete against the Wichita Region for the Challenge Cup, which we have won each year. We arrived in Wichita in 1972 with 32 Oklahoma Region people. Most of them brought home a trophy.

 Also we are invited to the Mid-Div Solo II Run-offs which are held in Des Moines, Iowa this year. At Topeka, Kansas in 1972, we had more entries and awards than any other Region, thus bringing to Oklahoma Region the best over-aII trophy. The award was given for the strongest participation and the most wins. This was due to the willingness of our drivers to compete in far distance travel. Quite an honor ! (read more)


 Racer's Guide - (Where We Raced 1977) M.A.R.

mar pic01smallRacing or spectating, M.A.R. is fun and getting there is no big problem. It's about 490 miles from Oklahoma City, but mostly Interstate. Stay on I-44 to St. Clair, Mo., then North to Wentzville. It's a fast road but watch out for Smokey ! (read more)



 Concours Contours

The shortest concours in history was held February 21st (1976) at French Market Mall. ( read more)


ears jpeg 500

 The phrase "Do You Have Ears" was CB lingo for "Are you listening to your CB ?" Police and Highway Patrol were called "Bears" or "Smokies". (read more)

Racer's Guide - Stuttgart, Arkansas

Race courses-as people-have personalities. One of our senior racing sites, Stuttgart,Arkansas, always draws a crowd of spectators and drivers alike, due in no small part to its particular charisma.

When you first visit that Eastern Arkansas metropolis you find a typical flat airport courseamidst the rice paddies, 5 miles north of the rice capital of the U.S., which in turn is a rather dreary-looking small town with limited facilities for eating, sleeping, reveling or whatever. Chances are it is raining when you arrive, if not, you can bet it will rain before the weekend is over and you most certainly will meet those notorious rice paddy mosquitoes! (read more)



 What Your Gasket Gazette is all about.

We are working to create a true newsletter where you can find not only the history of the Oklahoma Region, but current events, schedules, event results and contact information. Your new Gazette includes:


This menu functions as a current events newsletter.  New topics, such as officers, contact information, event results and usefull links will be added as soon as the information is available.


The purpose of this menu continues to be documentation and preservation of the rich history of  Oklahoma Region, SCCA. 


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