The First Octoberfest - 197070 octfest small

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1970 Schlitz Cup Series

Harry M. Handley, SCCA director schlitzsmallof solo events said here, "This is a tremendous break through for thousands of auto sports people who can benefit from a national program of support and promotion. And the extent of Schlitz' support in sheer numbers must be unprecedented in American auto sports. It includes 2,790 awards, 10,000 plaques and emblems, 10,000 copies of the rules, 900 pylons,and 30,000 feet of pennants. In addition, an advertising and poster program will support the Schlitz Cup Series."  (read more)


The World's Richest old Car Race

1983 Great American Race

Wednesday morning, June 25, we had the responsibility for starting the racers imageoff on the Oklahoma City - Kansas City leg and we took care of that chore in short order. There were a lot of press people around and our region got pretty good coverage as a result. As I said in the beginning, I was and still am uniformed as to many of the details of our part in the Great American Race but from what I could see and from talking to many of the contestants and officials, our Oklahoma Region did a first rate job all around, and we hopefully will get the race through here next year. (read more)


Tire Kickin' The Supercharged "A"

The supercharger is the treat we came forjudson small though, so let's take a look: - first you are impressed with the silence of its operation. It was unnoticeable above the normal clatter of MG valves. Engaging first and giving power, immediately red lined the tach - surprise ! I figured this was too hot for a VW man, so I gave the controls to BilI and copied down the statistics as Bill skiilfully sped through the gears on our secret (between Broadway and Walker on Main Sireet - Editor) stretch of road. (read more)


ORDA 1985 Driver's Added

Oklahoma Region Competition License holders for 1991 have been added. Since this listiing is based upon the Gazette, it may not be complete or entirely accurate. Please send any corrections/additions to the Gazette at:

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1985 Turnpike Challenge and Cowboy Auto Club Trophy

March 24, a beautiful day for an autocross. Great spring weather, and an inter-regional rivalry resulted in the largest turnout for a local event in recent memory. Nighty entries were made for the combined Cowboy Auto Club traveling trophy and first half of the Oklahoma Region/NeOkla Turnpike  Challenge. (read more)



Ponca City 1990:  SCCA Racing At Its Best  


In case you are wondering what this photo has to do with the 1990 Ponca City Grand Prix, a skateboard school and competition was held at the track in Ponca City on the Friday before the races. Here Randy Saucier performs on the halfpipe. Randy, a two time National Champion in his Miata was too young to drive at Ponca before the races were discontinued. Read about the races here.




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