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Hello everyone, if you haven’t heard, I am your new Oklahoma Regional Executive.  My name is Mark Council, and I’ve been active in the region since I moved here in 2013.  With Keith Voyles leaving us early this year (thanks for your service Keith!) the position came open, and here I am.  I will confess- I like seeing change for the better, new ideas, and new faces, so here’s to many years of onward and upward for Oklahoma region.  Speaking of onward and upward, we have a few things new for 2015, and perhaps for 2016…on which I will now fill you in.

The solo program has completely revamped its timing and scoring system!  We are now wireless as far as timers are concerned, and have entered the 21st century as far as software is concerned.  Some features now available include: longer and more interesting courses, live timing in the palm of your hand on any browser-enabled mobile device, easier event management, more reliable timer trips, and much, much more.  If you’d like to check out all the new hotness, I highly recommend you stop on over at and register for event 3 at Remington Park on May 17th!!!  We have already had two solo events in 2015, and they both drew over 50 entries.  We are continuing with our trend of growth- 2014 was the best year for attendance for many years, and 2015 is already on pace to demolish the 2014 numbers.  I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions in making this happen- the solo chairs, the executive board and officers, and, most importantly, all of our autocrossers.  Without the efforts of every single one of you, none of what we do would be possible!

I mentioned 2016, and you’ve probably seen the SCCA advertisements for Track Night in America.  I am trying to bring this event to Hallett.  It’s a weeknight track day- three 20minute sessions, $150.  Bring your street car, autocross car, track car, or race car- all are welcome as long as it’s safe and can pass tech!!!!  Stay tuned!

Yours in 18726543, Purple Crack, and Miatas being the answer,


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1975 Spring Games - Turnpike Series Round 1


(read about it here)

Mark Your Calendars

Collin Moore has confirmed the May 31 SOLO event will be a continuation of the "Turnpike Showdown" series with NEOkla Region at Stroud. 

Link to NEOKLA registration for this event:

This challenge event between Oklahoma Region and NEOkla Region was first reported in the Gazette in 1962. Read about that event here. Read about the 1985 event here.


The War Bonnet Story

meatball...brake hard for the entrance to the hairpin, down to first with the power on hard, slide out just short of the wall and hit second just under that start/finish banner; how vividly it all comes back! (read more)



Sebring 1968 "Its Colder There Than Here"

The Porsches and the Camaros are running like clockwork, DX Corvettesporsche have lost other car with rods out of it. The McComb Mustang has head gasket trouble and is pitting every 10 laps for water, running at 5000 RPM . The Howmet turbine whistles in every few laps for fuel. The Shelby Mustang is using oil like it's going out of style. Along with all this, the cold front has moved in, cold and highwinds just like Oklahoma. (read more)


War Bonnet SCCA Formula 1967 & 1968 (read more)

(Grand Prix of Oklahoma 1968 has been added)



2014 SOLO Champions Announced

(read more)


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